Pancho Sullivan

DOB: July 1, 1973
Location: Pupukea, Hawaii

Pancho Sullivan's story is a super interesting one. The big fella was born in a tree house, in a hippie commune owned by Elizabeth Taylor's brother, on the island of Kauai. Yep - you heard it here...

Pancho's childhood travels eventually led him to Hawaii's North Shore and the surfing world's most famous stretch of sand - from Haleiwa past Pipeline to Sunset Beach.

Pancho got stoked on surfing straight away and was entering North Shore surfing comps by the time he was nine.

"Back then surfing wasn't as professional, it was more like the Wild West," says Pancho.

"Fear and respect went a long way in the good ol' days, it basically established order in the line-up.
I eventually got tired of spending my weekends at contests surfing mushy waves. At that time my sponsors felt I could do more for them if I just surfed the North Shore and not focus on competition."

With his powerful surfing technique, Pancho quickly became a favorite in surfing mags around the world.

A bunch of sick photos - including the infamous shot of him in a 1992 Surfer magazine doing a bottom turn around a turtle at Off The Wall - made him a house-hold name. He's also one of the nicest guys in surfing. He'll have a chat, sign a million autographs and gracefully share a drink with you at the end of a day.

In 1995 Pancho's Search for bone-crunching waves and Rip Curl's Search for a powerful wave rider collided. Sullivan joined Rip Curl's Search Team and embarked upon a series of surf trips around the globe.

"I was 22 when I joined the Search team and before that time I was thinking of going the college route,"

"Traveling really opened my eyes to all the different cultures outside of Hawaii. I really appreciate surfing for what it is and hope in the future to be able to give back as much to the sport as it has given to me.

I want to thank Rip Curl for sponsoring me for over 10 years and my family for everything."